For the Future of EDEKA

Topics and Innovation Calls

For the Future of EDEKA

Topics and Innovation Calls

What are the Future Readiness Categories?

Future Readiness Categories are subject areas for which we are continuously looking for new technologies in order to help shape the future of EDEKA through technological edge.


Open Innovation Calls

We regularly publish calls for selected EDEKA challenges. Here is an overview of all previous topics. Regardless of the deadline, we are constantly looking for new tech innovations.


Customer Centricity

Digital proximity to the life-rhythm of our customers

Customer centricity is the traditional guiding principle of merchants. They know the desires and needs of their regular customers. Our goal is to expand this knowledge to all customers and to recognize changing needs at an early stage through technical innovation. In our fast-paced society, it is also important to establish a digital connection to people’s needs in order to be able to derive actions. The existing and acquired data intelligence can be easily implemented by the merchants. Our customers always get served regardless of where they are and can simply enjoy their shopping experience.

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Maintaining and promoting our organization’s core of regional medium-sized companies

Our merchants always claim to be the local supplier to their target market. The focus here lies on cooperations between merchants and regionally producing medium-sized suppliers. The merchants maintain close business relationships, especially with local farmers and suppliers. In their region, EDEKA stores are stabilizers of the local economic structure and are valued as reliable employers and trainers. They get involved locally in their community and promote social and ecological projects.

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Promote and support merchants economically

In this category fall all activities that aim to the economic support of merchants. We want to create positive service experiences with the EDEKA headquarter and each associated region. In addition, we want to enable merchants in the sales areas to be more efficient and use their daily digital tools better. By redesigning the core processes, such as administrative activities, HR and logistics processes, we relieve the retailers.

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Make consumption and production patterns sustainable

With this area we want to help merchants to operate sustainably. EDEKA is committed on a high level to manage resources in a sustainable way regarding subjects like energy management or packaging. Technical solutions for optimized procurement, product maintenance and re-processing avoid waist and promote food repurposing in the stores. In the preliminary stages, efficient logistics processes make a decisive contribution to reducing transport distance.

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Create attractive and enjoyable shopping experiences

The customer shopping experience is key. With the help of new technologies for personal services and advisory services as well as a large selection of daily fresh food and favorite products, we want to help merchants to continue to excite and inspire our customers. This also includes testing new store concepts with which the needs and wishes of our customers can be met even better.

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