Open Innovation Call #03


Open Innovation Call #03

What is the Open Innovation Call?

As part of our Open Innovation Call, we are looking within our Future Readiness Categories for innovative solutions for specific EDEKA challenges. In the first step, we penetrate these challenges by means of expert interviews in the respective departments in the EDEKA network and speak directly to business people in order to understand the challenges in a user-focused manner. This is followed by the definition of specific challenges, which we then advertise in a targeted manner in the Open Innovation Call. Every tech partner who can solve these challenges is allowed to submit their solution to us and – if the EDEKA fit is given – validate their solution in the real environment.


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Reduction of Food Waste and Packaging

The systematic reduction of food waste and packaging is one of the central goals at EDEKA. We have been using a variety of measures for years and are constantly developing innovative and consumer-oriented solutions along the entire value chain. You can and want to make a contribution to the current and future requirements and challenges in this area? We are looking for your innovation for the practical application at our EDEKA markets!


Food waste

How can we effectively prevent food waste and recycle surplus goods?
Preventing food waste is a challenge for society as a whole, as losses occur in all parts of the food chain. EDEKA is therefore committed to keeping the amount of food that is thrown away as low as possible and is thus expanding its commitment to the mission against "food waste". There are some challenges to be solved along the value chain and in the markets: This starts with an optimal purchase of goods in order to avoid surplus. Correct handling of the goods to guarantee the best durability is also important. Overconsumption can also be reduced through consumer information and individual quantity offers. In addition, there is a specific need for action in order to save ultra-fresh goods (e.g. fruit, vegetables, baked goods) - whether through further processing in the market, sale at a reduced price or other innovative approaches to create recycling potential.

Packaging management

How can we pack food and purchases in the market in a resource-saving and ecologically sensible way?
As a full-range supplier, EDEKA is aware of its ecological responsibility. Resource-saving packaging management plays a decisive role here, because in Germany there is still an increasing amount of packaging waste. The aim is to offer ecologically sensible packaging for food and products on the market and to give the consumer options in order to forego more and more packaging in the future. There are three main challenges in optimizing packaging management in the long term: abandoning and reducing packaging, alternative packaging systems and the search for ecologically sensible alternatives to plastic. If it is not possible to dispense with packaging, the most important thing is an ecologically sensible use of packaging and materials. Sustainable and scalable sales packaging for immediate consumption and for packing food on site (pre-packaging) as well as for customer purchases is of interest to markets.


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