Tech Partnering with EDEKA

We validate if your tech innovation solves a relevant challenge of EDEKA. 

Tech Partnering with EDEKA

We validate if your tech innovation solves a relevant challenge of EDEKA. 

Apply for our techstarter track

The »techstarter track« is the official process for bringing tech innovation to EDEKA – but above all – into the markets of our EDEKA merchants. As part of this process we are constantly looking for digital solutions that either match our focus challenges, represented by our Future Readiness Categories  or that solve one of our current Open Innovation Call challenges.


What are we looking for?


techstarter track

Your Tech Partnering Advantages


Use Case Assessment

  • We search our database for challenges which your solution may solve for EDEKA
  • We will identify application areas and perform an initial assessment of the market potential within EDEKA
  • We will provide you with a recommendation for the next steps


On-site Validation & Visibility

  • Together we determine all relevant performance indicators which need to be measured during on-site tests, e.g. directly in inside of an EDEKA store
  • If successful, we will create a detailed practice portrait of your solution including reviews of merchants which underline the value of your solution
  • The portrait will be published exclusively in the techstarter directory for merchant access, so that your solution will be visible within entire EDEKA


Sales Support

  • We support you in being found by suitable merchants
  • We communicate your solution through our internal networks: You benefit from our reach and the trust merchants have in us

Your Tech Innovation at EDEKA!


What does our service cost?

EDEKA is a cooperatively organized association consisting of more than 3,600 independent merchant entrepreneurs. These in turn belong to one of a total of seven geographically subdivided regions. We offer you a structured way of successfully selling your tech solution to EDEKA merchants.

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