Optimal Shelf Availability

Open Innovation Call #04

Optimal Shelf Availability

Open Innovation Call #04

What is the Open Innovation Call?

As part of our Open Innovation Call, we are looking for innovative solutions for specific EDEKA challenges within our Future Readiness Categories. In the first step, we penetrate these challenges by means of expert interviews in the respective departments in the EDEKA network and speak directly to business people in order to understand the challenges in a user-focused manner. This is followed by the definition of specific challenges, which we then advertise in a targeted manner in the Open Innovation Call. Every tech partner who can solve these challenges can submit their solution and – if the EDEKA fit is given – validate their solution in a real environment.


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Optimal Shelf Availability

Optimal intraday product availability on the shelf is important for ensuring success in retail. It influences important factors such as customer satisfaction, reduction of lost sales and can optimize disposition processes. Under the umbrella term “Optimal Shelf Availability,” we are therefore looking for innovative technologies to uncover associated potential at EDEKA.

Optimal Shelf Availability

How can we ensure optimum product availability on the shelf underground?
OSA challenges relate in particular to fast-moving items in the market, which account for only a small share of the total product range. Here in particular, shelf gaps have a significant impact on the retail result. The causes of skew are many and varied, and cannot always be avoided through well-coordinated activities on the floor (inventory, shelf maintenance) or upstream processes (F&R, phantom stock, sales fluctuations, etc.). The focus of this Open Innovation Call is on improving intraday shelf availability. Processes that are already covered by solutions in operation (F&R, order suggestions) are outside our consideration.

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31. August 2021


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