We are looking for your solution in the EDEKA Open Innovation Call #07


We are looking for your solution in the EDEKA Open Innovation Call #07

What is the Open Innovation Call?

As part of our Open Innovation Call, we are looking for innovative solutions to specific challenges faced by EDEKA within our Future Readiness Categories. Any technology provider that can solve these challenges may pilot and validate its solution in a real environment and with suitable experts – provided the EDEKA fit is given.

For the future viability of our stores.



The topic of energy is currently very present. The EDEKA-Verbund has been working on optimizing consumption for a long time and is continuously developing services that are used by production companies, wholesalers and retailers. We invite founders from the energy sector to present their solutions to us and possibly implement them in projects for the first time. For the current Open Innovation Call, we are focusing on the following areas:

Energy monitoring

  • Metering service for submetering (separate billing of consumption)
  • Hardware for remote reading of analog gas/water meters
  • Consumption estimation of devices without sub-metering (NILM -Nonintrusive load monitoring)
  • Detection of defective devices based on consumption data (predictive maintenance)
  • Control

  • Algorithmic control operation of HVAC systems to save electricity and gas energy.
  • Cyber-security

  • Safety components and software to protect against energy monitoring hazards

    Save the Dates!


    4 weeks


    26th May 2023


    30th June 2023


    Suitable solutions to the challenge are presented to relevant decision-makers of the EDEKA group and tested for an EDEKA fit. The best solutions are then given the chance to be piloted and validated at EDEKA.


    What are the benefits of partnering with EDEKA?

    Relevant challenges and your appropriate solutions get a strong visibility within EDEKA, which brings great opportunities for successful partnerships and valuable contacts..

    As an entrepreneur, you receive valuable feedback regarding EDEKA-Fit and can optimize your product in order to increase the potential in the right places.

    The concrete challenges can be solved through your technological innovation and co-creation with EDEKA by using your product in EDEKA stores - everyone involved benefits and you gain a strong partner at your side.

    Relevante Herausforderungen und deine dafür passenden Lösungen bekommen eine starke Sichtbarkeit innerhalb der EDEKA, was große Chancen auf erfolgreiche Partnerschaften und wertvolle Kontakte mit sich bringt.

    Du als Unternehmer:in erhältst wertvolles Feedback hinsichtlich EDEKA-Fit und und kannst dein Produkt optimieren, um das Potenzial an den richtigen Stellen zu heben.

    Die konkreten Herausforderungen können durch deine technologische Innovation und Co-Creation mit EDEKA gelöst werden, indem dein Produkt in EDEKA Märkten eingesetzt wird – alle Beteiligten profitieren und du gewinnst einen starken Partner an deiner Seite.


    What are we looking for?

    You have an innovative solution for this Open Innovation Call?


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