Open Innovation Call #02


Open Innovation Call #02

What is the Open Innovation Call?

As part of our Open Innovation Call, we are looking within our Future Readiness Categories for innovative solutions for specific EDEKA challenges. In the first step, we penetrate these challenges by means of expert interviews in the respective departments in the EDEKA network and speak directly to business people in order to understand the challenges in a user-focused manner. This is followed by the definition of specific challenges, which we then advertise in a targeted manner in the Open Innovation Call. Every tech partner who can solve these challenges is allowed to submit their solution to us and – if the EDEKA fit is given – validate their solution in the real environment.


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Future Personnel

We are looking for innovative solutions that help to solve the most important challenges in the area of ​​future personnel at EDEKA. New requirements and challenges from Industry 4.0 and the employer market have pushed the change in the working world. With the aim of using this change as an opportunity, we are looking for your innovation in the following fields of action for our staff in the area!


How do we design the candidate journey to successfully fill vacancies in the market?
There is a shortage of skilled workers on the current employer market and the attractiveness of retail professions competes with industry and business. There is increasing emphasis on lateral entrants because existing skilled workers are turning to other industries. The demands on employers are increasing, at the same time the classic retail trade is changing, and with it the demands on the competence of the candidates. It is therefore important to find good specialists, to address them specifically for target groups and to win them over to EDEKA from the first contact. The application process needs to be simple, smooth and individual, while the retailer can easily select, retain and hire candidates. Referring applicants and existing staff must also be an option. Ultimately, people contribute to the success of the market through their closeness to the customer.


How can we increase employee satisfaction in order to retain them in the long term?
The satisfaction of employees and their demands on the employer determine whether they work there for a long time. The requirements include a trusting and self-determined work culture in a motivating environment. In addition, development opportunities and health in the job can have a positive influence on loyalty and make satisfaction measurable. There is room for change in the leadership culture because it has a strong influence on team work. This is also the responsibility to train employees to become skilled workers and specialists. For this purpose, attractive learning content must be integrated into everyday life that is used with pleasure and self-determined - whether for part-time employees or the head of department. Employees should be enabled to learn, especially from one another. EDEKA also claims to be committed to health and ergonomic work.


How can we organize cooperation in the market in order to work more flexibly with one another?
Working in shifts represents personal and organizational challenges for employees and retailers. Employees want to work flexibly and help shape their day-to-day work. As the size of the company increases, the communication and organization on the site becomes complex, especially because employees do not have their own hardware or their own digital access to information. However, there are many (technical) processes running in the market that are only partially digitized and therefore require networking. The need to communicate with each other in real time and to properly inform all employees increases. Issues should be recorded and processed quickly and easily. The shift planning of personnel must also be flexible and simple and take legal obligations into account. It is important to map and manage personal data and processes for everyone involved in a practical and digital way.


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09. November 2020


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04. December 2020


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