Corona Challenges

Open Innovation Call #01

Corona challenges

Open Innovation Call #01

What is the Open Innovation Call?

As part of our Open Innovation Call, we are looking within our Future Readiness Categories for innovative solutions for specific EDEKA challenges. In the first step, we penetrate these challenges by means of expert interviews in the respective departments in the EDEKA network and speak directly to business people in order to understand the challenges in a user-focused manner. This is followed by the definition of specific challenges, which we then advertise in a targeted manner in the Open Innovation Call. Every tech partner who can solve these challenges is allowed to submit their solution to us and – if the EDEKA fit is given – validate their solution in the real environment.


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Corona Challenges

We are currently looking for innovative solutions that will help address the key challenges that have arisen in the last few months due to the the corona pandemic. We believe that the following fields of action must be fueled with innovations in order to change the landscape of the food retail sector in the long term.

Home Sweet Home

With which food and shopping-related solutions do we make the time at home more varied, more exciting and more comfortable?
One thing in particular has changed in the last few months: we spend more time at home. For many of us, the office has also moved home. This change will possibly have a long-term and lasting effect on our everyday work. This also changes our daily activities and needs. We spend the lunch break in our own kitchen, have to cook or have the food delivered to our doorstep. Instead of going to the supermarket several times a week, many are now using digital services more frequently to have their weekly shopping delivered to their home - at almost any time of the day.

Low Touch

Which solutions can reduce the points of contact during shopping to a minimum?
With restaurants, cinemas, shops and most other public places temporarily closed, supermarkets have become public hotspots in the midst of this crisis. However, the shopping experience is no longer as pleasant as it used to be, as customers have to be more careful and often feel inadequately protected in public places. At EDEKA, we are very aware of the increased risk of infection in the markets and the great responsibility that goes with it. It is therefore EDEKA's primary interest to offer our customers a safe and convenient supermarket experience.

The New Local

How can a local and neighborhood-based shopping experience be created under one roof?
The crisis has shown that local neighborhood networks and local suppliers are gaining in importance. Customers want to discover regional and local products and support local dealers. They increasingly want to know where their products come from and that they are good and safe, which is why transparency and quality are important values ​​in the shopping experience. Local ties convey a sense of home and a personal connection. In addition, new local networks and collaborations are emerging that were previously unthinkable in order to offer customers added value and to position themselves stronger together. We see these developments as an opportunity and are therefore looking for solutions that aim at regional shopping experiences and, if necessary, generate new concepts.


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You have a tech novelty and want to be found by EDEKA merchants?

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